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As a visitor to this website we use cookies to collect data on the pages you visit. Cookies do not store any personal information but allow us to optimise our website for a better shopping experience. We can also use this data to customise external advertising and so show you products you may be still be interested in and looking to purchase.

We share this data with Google, Facebook & Twitter. However you can opt out of this data collection by visiting or by changing your privacy settings with each of the companies named above. Please be aware that doing so may limit some of the functionality of the website.

Data Collected & StoredWhy We Collect This Data
Your NameTo know who to address the order to and for customer verification when getting in touch
Billing AddressTo speed up the checkout process
Delivery AddressTo speed up the checkout process
Email AddressSo we can email you confirmation of your order and keep you updated on the progress of your order
Telephone Number (optional)If you provide this we will use it contact you in case of problems and give you SMS updates if you choose our Express Delivery service
IP AddressWe collect this to help us combat fraudulent transactions
How long do you keep this data?Orders and associated customer data are deleted after a 12 month period.